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The web site has been updated with the new events please click here to check out the up and coming events for October and November. As always if you’d like an event listed please contact Scott on the email address listed in the ‘Contact Us’ Section

The latest copy of our Church Magazine has also been uploaded, please click here to view the new and also previous electronic versions. Note that for provacy reasons some of the email addresses and also mobile phone numbers have been removed from these to protect people’s online provacy and prevent unwanted marketing calls and emails. Please do take the time to have a read as there’s lots of good information from our various organisations within the church, as well as a message from Fiona and of course a list of the events!

Finally, we normally upload the electronic copies of all of our intimations, so please click here for the weekly releases.

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Sunday School Prize giving

Our Prize giving is this sunday during our usual 11am service.

An opportunity to say thanks and a well done to all of our young people, and our final event in the Sunday School calendar before we all finish up for the holidays!!

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Sunday club will still be on during the holidays, and of course everyone is welcome along for some games, fun and fellowship in the Youth Church over the summer holidays so hope to see you there if you’re not away on your holidays.

Midsummer Madness

Great fun was had by everyone on Saturday at our Midsummer Madness event. Games, food, gifts and of course the company was all good! Thanks to everyone who attended and of course we look forward to seeing you at the next one.

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Welcome to the New Saint Andrews Church website.

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Firstly, this is our new website, so please bear with us while we migrate the contents of the old site over to our new one and get it all up and running. We are adding to the website every week, So please take time to check through each of our individual page links listed at the top. Again if you would like to add some content, or even just post a notice or message here on the website then please drop us a note via the ‘Contact us’ section or come and see the minister in person.

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Welcome to our new Website

Welcome to the New Saint Andrews Church website.

The site has recently been upgraded and we are working on adding new pages and also transferring over the content from our old website.